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Crofut Family Winery

Locally grown grapes are hand-harvested, carefully fermented, and bottled to capture the "Concentrated Minnesota Sunshine." Crofut Family Winery has been awarded over 50 medals in Int'l/National competitions in the past two years. Crofut Family has been awarded more medals than any other upper midwestern winery in the shortest time frame, ever.

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Come explore Minnesota’s friendliest  wine trail. We are a diverse group of wineries situated upon the prairie in the far west, to the glacial lakes regions, to the beautiful rolling river valleys.

If you would like to taste our distinct, high quality wines, please stop by these local wineries. Along  with tasting some of the finest wines you will    receive an education and appreciation for the expanding Minnesota wine industry and the grapes grown locally. 

Although we share in our passion for supporting locally grown grapes, each vineyard manager and wine maker tends to their grapes differently. This presents wine trail members with the chance to taste a collage of wine styles made from the same grape varieties.

Please, come visit our winemaking facilitiesand experience the rich and flavorful wines of Minnesota’s heartland. Come Explore!

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